Elective Modules

6 Practices of Richly Empowered Living

To fully enjoy life, we have to live it the way it was meant to be lived. Not in constant tension, not with suspicion, not in waste, not out of control – but full of meaning, authentic achievement, love, creativity and renewal. This workshop, delivered over 2 days, introduces and applies six principle-centered habits for nurturing and sustaining personal and inter-personal excellence..

Action Research

In this training, participants will be provided various research methods for primary and secondary data analysis and a framework for conducting social science research in a systematic manner. Participants will be exposed to practical guidance in research proposal writing using scientific enquiry process for social science studies in business environment. This course is also designed to help participants inculcate the art of building and presenting research work efficiently that is very systematic and yet informative manner.

Mind Mapping

This course focuses on helping educators understand how students learn. This information, in turn will help to enrich and inform teaching and learning practices. Also help to develop an enriched environment for teaching and learning by providing the greatest opportunities for remembering facts while also encouraging and nurturing thinking and creativity.

Quantitative Data Analysis

The ability to identify, source and analyses relevant data are critical skills for a researcher. This course is designed to provide participants with a depth understanding to data analysis and statistics. There will be a focus on understanding and using the concepts and not just performing calculations. Participants will be able to design the basic types of data collection method and use online platforms for data collection. In addition participants will be able to perform descriptive data analysis and interpret the results.

English as a Medium of Instruction

Lecturers are expected to use English in their instruction in the classroom as the teaching and learning in most institutions of higher learning is conducted in English. The level of proficiency in English of the students is expected to be suitably high, not only for them to pursue their courses, but also to face the world and enhance their chances of employability. The lecturers’ command of English, especially in their instruction, needs to be improved so that they in turn would able to transmit appropriate English usage to their students. Thus it is pertinent that the instructional language used by lecturers are appropriate for the students.

Bloom's Taxanomy

The workshop is aimed at providing an in-depth understanding of the Bloom’s taxonomy as was devised by Dr. Bloom and his associates. Various types of knowledge are dealt with so as to have a better understanding of how learners learn. This knowledge is considered fundamental to being able to assess effectively the learning process, which has a considerable implication in classroom teaching and learning approaches.

Practical suggestions would be made so that the lecturers would be able to improvise their testing techniques leading them to build better testing instruments for their students.

Personal Branding

“Projecting a Professional and Confident Image” workshop is a comprehensive training program that equips professionals at any level within an organization with the right tools to sharpen their image. An individual’s ability to project a confident positive image and communicate effectively in an organization will result in higher productivity and performance, better interpersonal relationships with co-workers, and increased job satisfaction, not to mention, leaving a positive and powerful lasting impression on clients and customers..

Problem-based Learning

This is a one day workshop on Problem Based Learning (PBL) is aimed for the academic staff of SEGi University.  Participants will be provided with the knowledge and skills about the principles, steps and process of PBL. It will also provide the overview of the roles of tutor and students in the PBL process with examples.


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