TEA Award



The SEGi Teaching Excellence Award is being initiated to recognize SEGi University lecturers who have demonstrated excellence in utilizing good teaching and learning practices, incorporating innovative approaches based on sound educational instructional philosophy. Besides honing their own teaching skills, the lecturers would also be contributive factors in enhancing the quality of learning by the students.

Principles of the Award

  1. The candidates must be lecturers who are employed full-time, and, confirmed in their service by the university.
  2. Nomination of lecturers for the award must be made by their respective centres, schools or faculties.
  3. Each nomination must be accompanied by a portfolio of teaching details, and the latest curriculum vitae of the lecturer concerned.

Evaluation Criteria

The criteria for conferring the Teaching Excellence Award would be based on the following:

  1. Teaching and learning philosophy
  2. Creativity and innovation in teaching and learning, and assessment.
  3. The impact of the innovation on the quality of learning.
  4. Innovation and creativity in the assessment of learning.
  5. Guidance and supervision.
  6. Improvement, reflective practice, and research in teaching and learning.
  7. Commitment to excellence in continuous professional development (CPD).